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What says Harbour Master

The proposals of the Commandant of the Port "Harbour Master"

Management staff of dock


In the role of a modern navy personnel platform is of great importance. His relationship with Members-Users and the public gives an immediate feeling to "skin" of the management philosophy and the environment.
It is important to remember that the staff is in the double role of a sailor and operator of tourism, it is indisputable that only the coexistence of these two aspects makes the individual capable of fulfilling the required tasks.
Ability and courtesy are the answer.
A marina is becoming an environment in which staff must respond to a growing number of customer needs quickly.
To anticipate the number, type and timing of requests for assistance, it is not easy. The variables involved are many and also affects the weather.
The best method consists in planning preventive as accurately as possible, to assist in effective training of personnel.
Where it comes to planning should reach capacity, and the spirit of initiative of the assistants.
As already clarified the roles among staff and partners is critical-users, people must feel the continued presence and availability of staff.
The normal shifts of workers, may in part confound the relationship with the mooring and make it less familiar, this is compensated by assigning responsibility for specific areas to individuals.
The ormeggiatore responsible for an area, should have his e-mail, through which its customers will be able to speak, suggest, discuss.
A bulletin board full of dock facilitates contact and communication with the transits, and short term rentals.
Ability, courtesy, direct, are the answer.
As we all know the passion with which a person approaches the boat, then must deal with economic and fiscal.
A modern port must respond by providing services that distinguish it at a sustainable cost, a key issue is the relationship-services personnel costs.
The choice of limiting the costs assuming a number of strong seasonal, limits the preparation-formation to a limited number of people, which results in a lowering of the quality of the operators; is important, therefore, the role of the management, which must be able to count, in the moments hot, of a number of operators suitable and capable, but which can otherwise be used effectively out of season.
Investing on the staff helps ensure a good service at reasonable cost.
It thus shows that the operator of an efficient port dock, must accompany the two aspects of professional sailor and tourism operator, third as generic maintainer.
The use of multiple fronts of personnel, and to balance costs, increases their skills.
To protect our passions, skills, courtesy, direct and sustainability are the answer.

"Bigo" - the crane bunceraggio


In the range of services that provides a marina, you have to make an important distinction that divides those reserved exclusively for members of the port-users and those targeted to external users more or less tied to the territory.
These second play an important role, both for the structure as it relates to the outside, and because some of these services are able to generate a 'useful that is part of an effective management of costs and personnel.
I remember the dealer managed directly by the sea with his staff, as well as the ability to host events providing logistics services.
Among the many available, I would like to focus on the towing service launch.
Currently the marina has facilities like a derrick with a capacity over 3000 kg, its use in recent years has allowed us to understand how this activity is important for Members and for the territory, in fact, for small boats, well developed in the area, the service of lifting has been in recent years a valuable point of reference, especially for the shipbuilding industry.
Also the experience of this period, showed that the possibility of hauling-launching in port, sins of partial coverage of the request.
This is because the derrick of the Navy is able to lift small boats up to about 7 meters, and that the yard has competitive prices for boats under 11 meters, as the operators have to maneuver a 100-ton travel lift.
From this we deduce that the target from 7 to 11 meters is penalized.
It is a shame because it is a type of boats in the area that is very present in port.
I therefore interesting, providing the Navy a 'lifting equipment that may expand the service and increase revenues, in support of the project may affect any tax breaks or subsidies Community (see Tremonti ter).
I think the investment economically justified, having regard to the service request, and I think they also have a positive influence on the development of staff and the sustainability of its costs, ultimately increasing the availability of services for members-users.