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The management of services, current is conducted through a contract of "Global Service". This service is now provided by a third company, called Cala De 'Medici Sevizi Ltd. which is both a member of the Marina Cala de 'Medici SpA The work is done by its workers and employees for basic services and skilled labor are sub-contracted to one or more specialized companies. The situation described above has considerable managerial critical points and are costly in both the short and long term. In order to pursue and provide concrete answers to the stated goals, we examined the various possible solutions. Did not meet a real "market" for the port services, has investigated the possibility of "direct management", as permitted by the bylaws, and in particular we have examined every detail of organization. Press noted that the "direct management", while assuming a greater commitment of the Board, present advantages and helps to rebalance the internal relations of the harbor Marina Cala de 'Medici, in proportion to the weight that Marina Cala de' Medici SpA has concession in the area. In addition, members would find themselves in a position to effectively express their thoughts and wishes in order to address management, through the elected governing body represented by the Board of Directors of the Company, which by statute, is renewed every five years . In the present situation C.D.A. (Board of Directors) of the Marina Cala de 'Medici SpA, is limited in its action by the global service contract where the cost of, among other things, continuously raised exponentially by 3% annually, without considering the negative deflection in the average prices the current national economic situation. BOARD of Marina Cala de 'Medici spa is in fact to act in a situation affected by the agreement to provide global service, which determines, in fact, an absolute imbalance positions. Because of this agreement, the company Marina Cala de 'Medici SpA is actually placed under a monopoly contract with the constraint Cala De 'Medici Services Ltd. The management of social relations, corporate image, the correspondence of the cases, the administration, the same "direction" port of the entire human resources and more, by the Company Cala de 'Medici Services Ltd. creates against their own members, third parties and the free market a visible confusion of roles and images of various companies. Situation that involves a significant injury and a consequent devaluation of equity shares, in consideration that the company has as its corporate services, the "profit", unlike Marina Cala de 'Medici SpA a company which is a mere enjoyment of their property.

advantages and disadvantages

The direct management by the Marina Cala de 'Medici SpA involves some issues that still are offloaded and are under the direct responsibility of the company providing the service. Although there are points of attention, all these higher costs can still be measured, calculated and offset, with respect to advantages derived from the direct, benefits, many of which are economic.




• Excessive burden of the contract
• Higher cost of VAT arising dall'indeducibilità a service contract, for a society of "Enjoyment" as the Marina Cala de 'Medici SpA
• Lack of direct control of management
• Lack of management control of the hiring of members of moorings managed by the service company, which has a dominant position in an obvious conflict of interest having the exclusive use of several moorings that should be used for transit
• Lack of sharing of costs and expenses by the "Village" and "Yard", which also use the commons, being the same, still partly under the control of the service company
• Excessive maintenance costs, due to the fact that the company has the exclusive services of achieving them, without being able to find offers from third parties in competition
• Lack of appropriate provision for extraordinary maintenance in respect of which a contract is too costly, overly increase the cost of Membership
• Inability to manage appropriate budgets fiscal autonomy of the company, which in relation to the high burden of the contract, without the ability to undertake its activities, would consume all the financial reserves of capital, before the expiry of the concession the state, with its requirement refinancing by Members
• Lack of direct control of port services such as "Bigo" and "Fuel"




• Savings of VAT deductible on all costs incurred are not subject to this tax (eg human resources)
• Manage non-profit related services, with considerable cost reduction of each individual Member
• Direct management of bunkering services and derrick with income for Marina Cala de 'Medici SpA
• Improvement of the profits from the rental of the moorings of members who would be leased to third parties without privileged situations or conflict of interest
• Redistribution of profits of the transits of short duration, a partial reduction of operating costs
• Savings on extra maintenance which would be managed through open competition for tenders
• Increased provision of funds for extraordinary maintenance. A portion of the savings resulting from the direct management would set aside funds for maintenance
• Improved institutional relationship with local government as done in a direct


The breakwater has always been a problem for MarinaCala de 'Medici. The problem over the years has been greatly reduced due to the deposition of sandy bottomoutside of the dam, however, that situation does not occur at the mouth where there are considerable depthto ensure access to any pleasure craft includingsailboats. The fact remains that in the interest of all, the problem must be faced with finding new solutions, perhaps complementary to only increase the existingbreakwater. Currently, we presented a third projectinvolves the erection of a mixed structure of transparent material on sheet metal. This innovative solution has a pleasant appearance, but not fully convincing in terms of operation and maintenance. The Committee through its representatives has enabled advanced study to testthe feasibility of this project and to consider the evolution of the seabed in the near future in order to evaluate alternative solutions mixed. Surely the dam in the near future need for special attention because of maintenance in some areas deteriorated by the presence, in the first year of implementation, frequentconcentrations of aerosol salt mixed with sand only during days of heavy storms.

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